I’m Rebecca, a licensed, Career Coach, here to offer you friendly yet professional Career Coaching – from one mum to another.

Does this sound familiar?

You are a mum who, having returned to your career after having children, feels stuck.

You knew going back to work would have its challenges, but you didn’t expect to lose your passion for your career.


You are asking yourself “is it worth it?”, even wondering what is wrong with you – why do you feel this way?


You are regularly trying to figure out a way out?


It’s hard to explain to friends and family and you feel like you go round in circles – trying to make the best of things, but then landing back in the same place of unhappiness.


You know you want to work, but you just can’t figure out what or how to change.

This is where I can help you…

Do you want to:

Understand why your career no long brings you happiness?

Not have the Sunday blues each week, dreading the week ahead?

Get clarity on the changes you can make to be happy in your work, whilst also being a mum?

Have an action plan in place to be career happy again?

Get back to feeling like you again?

"During my initial consultation, Rebecca explained how our coaching would work - it seemed logical, straightforward and exactly what career counselling should be about.

My coaching programme definitely met my expectations and I’m really glad I was able to do it. I’ve learnt a lot about my skills, how transferable they could be and what careers could be of interest to me."

Victoria, Geologist