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Taking the plunge into a new career

Any kind of change is terrifying... even learning something new can be an anxiety inducing process. So many limiting doubts and questions can hold you back or derail you. Is it the right time to make the change / learn this new "thing"? What if I fail? What if I don't actually enjoy it after I've invested the time and (possibly) the money? What will people think of what I am choosing to do? the list could go on...

As I took the plunge into setting up my own Career Coaching business all of these thoughts crossed my mind. At first they held me back... but then I gradually worked through the initial hurdles into making changes to put me into a position of making this possible. I was lucky to have a supportive partner, but this didn't stop me initially worrying about how he may feel about my plan. I didn't know how I would find the time to focus on this change whilst caring for my two young children, our home and the small matter of an existing job! How would we manage financially if I made this change, in the early stages?

So, I did what most people do, held onto the "dream" but told myself it was just that - a dream that would never become reality. However, I found my mind wandering to this "dream" on an extremely regular basis and so started researching. How would I qualify? (despite having a very solid Recruitment and HR career, I wanted a proper qualification so I knew I had the best chance of providing my clients with what they truly needed, plus the credibility a qualification would give me). How long would it take? How many Career Coaches are actually already out there? What started out as procrastinating web searching, quickly started to become a goal. The more I read, the more I wanted to do this! So what to do about work, money etc?...

I again parked the "dream" as I knew I couldn't just quit my job and lose my income... however I just couldn't let it go! Many would agree, when I get an idea in my head, I'm like a dog with a bone and so I focussed even more. My light bulb moment was deciding to request a sabbatical from work, which I was lucky enough to have approved by my employer. I then set the wheels in motion and enrolled on the Career Counselling Service's Core Skills programme which is accredited by the Association for Coaching. This of course came at a cost, but, with all the hours and days spent daydreaming of doing this, I viewed this as a worthwhile investment.

During this course I myself went through the Career Counselling process which really solidified everything for me. Not only did I see this was something I could do, and do well, something that I knew my future clients would truly benefit from; by going through the process myself, it allowed me to produce my own goals and action plan for my new career. I was able to plan going back to my existing employer whilst also continuing to set up my own Career Coaching business. I was able to plan my marketing strategy for getting my business off the ground and to make it a success.

The best thing about this was I knew the benefits of the career counselling process first hand and I couldn't wait to get started!

Career fulfilment shouldn't just be a day dream... it should be a reality. If you don't have this, break down the self-doubt and uncertainty that holds you back. You may just be able to make that dream come true... and even if you don't the likelihood is you will achieve a version of it that fits with your real life and results in a happier, much more fulfilled you. But if it all still feels too much to navigate, get in touch with Rebecca Amin Coaching ( and I will be happy to help!

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