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You need to shift gear in your career, but how can you make it happen?

“The thought of going back there after maternity leave fills me with dread”…
“I hate the idea of still doing the same job, in the same company, two years down the road”…
“I don’t hate my job, I just don’t have career satisfaction”…

These are all statements I regularly hear from clients, that are incredibly common among many of us. How can you move forward and make the change to stop these thoughts?

It can be a perpetual loop - a career change, or return, being a day dream. Something we ponder then tuck away in the backs of our minds until the next time we have a bad day, or a bit of motivation to consider a change... But mostly, we don’t act. What stops us taking the plunge, putting action in place, making a career change or shift, a reality?

FEAR. Fear of change. Fear of how family and friends may react. Fear our daydream isn’t realistic. Fear of failure – making a change and being happy and successful as a result… So the daydream ends and we go back to the familiar day-to-day.

How can we break this loop? How can we at least explore possible changes? How can we make as informed a decision as possible? How can we be, as sure as we can be that, if we make a change, we will have the drive, the passion, the motivation to make it a success? How do we even decide what this career shift could be?

Career Coaching can support you in working through these fears and question - giving you the considered push you need to move forward.

When I coach clients, we go right back to the start, exploring how you made career decisions in the past. What have you truly enjoyed doing? What made you thrive at work? What do you really value? You will have a whole host of skills – which of these do you want to use more of, or develop further? Maybe some you want to stop using!

Next we envisage what your world could look like? I say world, not career, because your career is one part of your world, impacting all other parts. Therefore it is important not to consider your career in isolation. What are your options for your career, taking account of all we have discussed so far?

As we approach the latter stages of coaching, we work on the best bit... Action planning! There is little point being “all talk and no action”, otherwise the whole process becomes a really well structured, drawn out daydream! Action planning, in a structured way, is critical to move from vision to reality.

I’m often struck by the different action plans clients create. Some plan a huge change and ignite a brand new career… Some stick with what they know but switch it up a bit – for example focus on a networking plan to approach alternative companies in their existing industry. Some may decide their current situation is the right one, but they can make a few pro-active changes.

Whatever the outcome, I know my coaching has been a success if you come away in the driving seat. You feel you made your own decisions. You feel confident and empowered to move your manageable, realistic plan forward.

It’s you that holds the answers, but sometimes you just need some support, some dedicated time and a structured approach in finding them – which is exactly what I offer.

If you would like to know more about Career Coaching with me, have a look at my website or get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat via email at

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