Don't just take my word for it...

"During my initial consultation, Rebecca explained how our coaching would work - it seemed logical, straightforward and exactly what career counselling should be about. My coaching programme definitely met my expectations and I’m really glad I was able to do it. I’ve learnt a lot about my skills, how transferable they could be and what careers could be of interest to me. I really liked the balance of exercises and discussion, with the questions asked by Rebecca really insightful. Importantly for me, the action plan stage provided an approach to achieve my goal."

Victoria, Geologist (currently on maternity leave)

"I contacted Becky as I needed some help on working out what was going right and not so right in my career, following some bad experiences in previous jobs. This was 100% met through my sessions with Becky, and I found the process and exercises we went through incredibly beneficial to really allow me to understand what it is that motivates me and what I want from my career in the future. I came out of the sessions with a great toolset and framework for making much clearer career decisions, based on now knowing what I want from a job/company. I found Becky both friendly and passionate to work with, but also challenging when she needed to be, and I think together we got a great result for me."

Ian, Director of People Analytics

“Becky was very good at helping me to understand my own values and what I’m looking for from work, and using that to assess the different options open to me, ultimately leading to more clarity in my own mind about where I want to go next."

Edward - Senior Marketing Consultant

"Rebecca is an extremely personable and knowledgeable coach. She is incredibly skilled at cracking competency based questions and helping me see things from different perspectives. I received two job offers in one day and don't think I would have achieved this without Rebecca's help. I would highly recommend Rebecca as a coach!"

Masters of Science Student