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Time to get to work.

I can help you figure out the next goals for you and your business that feel attractive, achievable and will fill you with excitement again.

You have already achieved things you thought you never could, so let’s discover your next dream and smash it together!

Step One:

You're ready to truly commit to the future of you and your business, and want to burn bright in all aspects of your life.


Your first step is to apply to work with me by booking your free consultation call, which will allow us both to decide if one of my programmes is a good fit for you - they're detailed below.

Step Two:

Once we have spoken, agreed we are a good fit and I have shared more info about my programmes, it's time to decide on which one to enrol on!

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Fan The Flames

Do you:

  • See the benefit of 1:1 but also the power of a group of other business owners?

  • Lack clarity on the vision for the future of your business?

  • Feel stuck delivering the same thing to the same type of clients and fear you may stagnate?

  • Want to set goals to evolve but can’t find the time nor inclination to do so?

  • Don’t want to still be doing exactly the same as you are now in 12 months time?

If so, Fan the Flames is for you.


Here’s what you get:

  • 3 months support, accountability and community (a mix of 1:1 and group sessions)

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

  • Clarity on what business happiness and success looks like for you

  • Your spark for your business back, clear goals and a plan to evolve and fan those flames long into the future!

Total cost:

£650 per month for 3 months

or reduction to £1,800 upfront payment

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Relight My Fire

Do you:

  • Want to test the waters first?

  • Have lots of ideas but can’t move any of them forward?

  • Need someone to bounce ideas off, to gain some clarity and get a plan together?

  • Need a little boost to kick-start you into action, to get your spark back?

If so, Relight My Fire is for you.


Here’s what you get:

  • One 2-hour Zoom session to download ideas, ask questions and find answers and direction

  • Two weeks email and WhatsApp support for accountability as you take action. Me in your back pocket!

  • A further 1-hour Zoom session to review progress and finalise your plan to take forward in the coming months.

  • A boost, clarity and that spark back ready for a great year ahead!

Total cost:


rebecca leaf_edited.png

Burn Bright

Do you:

  • Feel lost on how to evolve and take your business to the next level without working more hours?

  • Know you and your business are capable of more but don’t know how to make that a reality? Goal setting is not your ‘thing’!

  • Have a growing fear of getting bored, stagnating yet really want this business owner stuff to carry on!

  • Need someone in your corner, challenging your thinking whilst cheering you on?

If so, Burn Bright is for you.


Here’s what you get:

  • 6 months support, accountability and community (a mix of 1:1 and group sessions)

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

  • A clearly defined vision of success for the future of your business, that excites you – and a plan to make it happen.

  • A half-way point “review and re-align”

  • Credits for 3x “Business Happy Mums” networking and co-working sessions

Total cost:

£575 per month for 6 months

or £3240 upfront payment

Let's get started!

 Click the button below to visit my online diary and book your free consultation with me.

What People Say


When I started working with Rebecca I felt stuck, lacking confidence to get out of my comfort zone and starting to doubt my own abilities. She made me feel at ease straight away and created a safe space for me to get unstuck. Rebecca is so personable, funny and insightful; she cares about her clients and genuinely wants them to succeed, I could feel that immediately. She's been there herself, being stuck in a career that was no longer inspiring, and that gives her an edge and a level of insight into the situation that no coaching training can give you. She's super flexible in her approach and will create a tailored coaching programme to your specific circumstances and what you really need. I can only recommend her, she's brilliant!


I really enjoyed working with Rebecca. She is easy to talk to, non-judgmental and supportive. I found it very easy to open up to her. Thanks to her coaching sessions I was able to work out which factors were most important to me and have recently started on a new direction that ticks all my boxes and I’m loving it! I would highly recommend her.


I was unhappy with my situation and felt anxious and unsure about how to change it. But from the very first session, Becky made me feel at ease and understood what I was going through. She helped me regain my confidence and see value in my past achievements. The programme she devised for our sessions along with her unique blue sky thinking gave me clarity on how I could achieve my goals and move forward. Becky also opened my mind to other opportunities that I had not even considered possible. Most importantly she made me believe in myself again.

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