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rebecca amin career coach about

Let's get acquainted!

I’m Rebecca and I'm here to guide, support and challenge you (when needed) as we shift you from "patchy side-hustle" to thriving Coaching business!


I can’t wait to light that fire in you and your business so you can reach the success you deserve! 


Why work with me?

Firstly, I get it.

​I have built a thriving Coaching business from scratch. I had no idea how and I did a lot of work to reach where I am now!

As a mum of two boys, I had spiralled into an unhappy place in my corporate career. Getting my Coaching side line thriving HAD to happen if I wanted to leave it behind for a new career in Coaching and self-employment.   

I knew I could Coach. I’d had some clients already and their feedback spoke for itself. But finding a steady flow of clients, so I could actually call what I was doing a business, and make a living from it, felt impossible - not to mention how to set up and price my programmes!

So I did the work. I went on a lot of courses, read a lot of books, compared myself to others far too much, learnt from my mistakes and eventually got there!

I built my career change coaching business from nothing to beyond what I could have hoped for. I secured corporate clients and diversified the coaching I did.

In fact, I had so much work I had to shift my focus and delivery before I burnt out!

I have learnt so much from all the courses, programmes, mentoring, podcasts, on-going professional development, networking – and now I want to share all of that with you.

​I want you to know what I learnt and of course to avoid any mistakes I made along the way! I also want you to know YOU CAN DO THIS!

But just telling you what to do isn’t enough – you will need help getting over the “I can’t do it” thoughts along the way which is why working with me as a Coach is different to so many other programmes out there.

I can’t wait to see where you end up – you won’t believe now where you could be even a year from now.

I've got the credentials too!

I completed my accredited Coach training with the Career Counselling Service and am a licensed, accredited member of the Association For Coaching. I have been on countless courses and programmes - including a Marketing Diploma for Coaches.  


I have supported and coached hundreds of people that have felt stuck and lacking clarity on how to reach their goals.


I spent 18 years in the corporate world, prior to becoming a Coach, working in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Project Management – all of which help when it comes to getting a plan in place and getting clients onboard.


I also have a Psychology degree (most likely where my passion and affinity with coaching comes from), and I am doing this myself everyday – securing new clients, evolving, growing and taking risks, ensuring that my business is successful, that it works for me now and for the future, so I will NEVER have to go back to being employed (I’m not sure anyone would have me  – I am far too independent to be told what to do now!)


My approach

First things first, we need to be sure we are a good match – which is why I always have a free 20 minute consultation with prospective clients.

You can book this by clicking here.

Once we have agreed your programme, it is vital you can commit to the process fully, in order to get all you can from it.

When we work together my style is friendly and relatable - but I am also here to challenge you and expand your thinking. To get you to a result you wouldn’t reach by going it alone.

I will be your cheerleader, motivator and believe in your ability to make this work.

I follow a structured framework using a combination of coaching techniques, and I am licensed to use a number of exercises to support our conversations.

So you can be assured you will get the best possible personalised support to help you make the change and get the results you dream of.

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What People Say


I had been feeling fed up and unfulfilled for a while, but was struggling to work out how to move on. Becky helped me to take a step back and gave me the space to reflect on my path, my skills, my values and drivers. We explored potential options, but always with my values and strengths as a key driver. It felt so refreshing and exciting to have the space to reflect and explore. Through my sessions with Becky I gained the clarity and confidence that I needed to take the next step, helping me realise that I don’t need to change who I am. It’s about understanding your strengths and values and how you can embed these into your future.


I found Becky after researching and talking to a number of  coaches and knew instantly that she was the one for me! Becky immediately put me at ease and I always looked forward to our sessions. Becky is extremely friendly and personable but she also challenged me when it was needed. We worked through a number of exercises that opened up a whole new world of self reflection. Our sessions gave me the confidence to make a giant leap into something new and I now feel very excited for my future and grateful for Becky’s help in getting me to where I am. I also know she’ll be there to help if any glitches arrive along the way. I would absolutely recommend Becky.


Becky is fantastic to work with if you feel stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled in your current situation, and in particular if you’re a mum with a young family. She works in a structured and practical way with solid tangible outcomes to give you direction and really understand yourself, your strengths and your values to find your perfect path. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I also belong to her brilliant Facebook group (Business Happy Mums) that provides networking opportunities and support from like minded individuals.

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Want to see if I am the right coach for you?

 It's time to get specific and find out what you want from this relationship. So let’s chat!

Click the button below to visit my online diary to book your free consultation.


The Coach & Consultant Collective

I have created a space online with other like-minded female Coaches and Consultants in the form of The Coach & Consultant Collective Facebook group!


This is for you if you are a Coach or Consultant and you're ready to focus on really making a go of your business!


It's also a great way to see what I am all about and of course to benefit from the advice, community, live sessions and much more!

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