What support are your maternity leavers and returners getting?

When a mum is contemplating their return to work and when they make their return, it’s tough. A mum feeling unsupported during her return, results in a direct cost to your organisation. She will be actively dis-engaged and, quite possibly, eventually resign.


How do I know this?

My clients tell me. I hear so often how their employers’ expected them to return and immediately slot back in, with very little consideration for the huge change to their lives. I also hear them say they are failing in some way in their careers. They are scared of being classed as an underperformer. An alternative career path may suit them better now, but they do not have the confidence to work out how to do this with their existing employer. This is when you, the employer, lose out. They leave and you are left to pick up the cost. Your former employee leaves with reduced confidence and a bitter taste.


It doesn’t have to be this way!

Career Coaching, during the latter stages and during the first 90 days of returning, will:

  • Positively contribute to aligning expectations upon return, between the new mum and your organisation

  • Ensure the new mum’s – your employee’s – wellbeing at work is being supported

  • Reduce your costs of hiring / re-training due to resignations

  • Positively impact your employer brand – be an employer mums want to work for

You can be one of the few employers that stands apart.


That has a great reputation for supporting your maternity leavers/returners.


That supports them via independent professional career coaching.

This is where I can help.

As a qualified Career Coach with an 18-year corporate, international career across Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Project Management – as well as being a mum myself – I am incredibly well placed to support you and your maternity leavers/returners.

Based in Surrey, I am happy to travel for face-to-face meetings and workshops, and I can run 1:1 or small group sessions via online video sessions.


I would love to talk to you about how I can help support you. Drop me an email here and let’s chat.