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Ready to Evolve?

You want to make a shift in your business.


You also want to invest in someone who is realistic and honest in their approach and who has done the work and learnt from many mistakes and successes along the way.

That's where I come in.

It’s hard.


Devastating even when you've got the qualifications, and are raring to go, but finding paying clients is patchy at best.

You’ve worked SO hard to get this far. The hours of study, coaching practice… not to mention taking the leap to do this in the first place.


You want and need this to work but you're not sure how.

You've tried a few of the "Do this and you will earn 5k months by next week" type programmes and (unsurprisingly) they didn't work.

You don't want to dance around on Instagram or spend every waking moment on social media to find clients.

Even structuring and pricing your programmes feel like a minefield.

Can you really turn this around from a patchy side hustle to a thriving and profitable business?

Believe me, I felt ALL those things (and more) when I started. 


But the good news is that it is possible.

This is where my Evolve programme can help.


A 6-month group Coaching/Mentorship programme that will not only get you out of the blocks but will set you on the road to having a business that pays you your salary, works for YOU, is sustainable and will still be thriving in years to come.

I can’t make that happen with some magic 5-step, 30-day programme. I can’t promise 10K months by this time next year. I can’t tell you to rinse and repeat everything I did in a simple formula.

But I can help you figure out how this is going to happen for you.

And I can assure you, it is possible to earn a living as a Coach and build a thriving business you love.

How it works:

  • We'll partner for approximately six months as you work through the Evolve learning and coaching pathway. 

  • You'll get access to the Evolve Community private Facebook group surrounded by other amazing Coaches & Consultants evolving their businesses too.

  • You will reap the benefits of being an Evolve: Coaching founding member if you join me in 2024.

Who's it for?

  • You're ready to invest in support to finally shift from having a patchy side-hustle to a fully-fledged Coaching (or consulting) business;

  • You've got the qualifications – you know how to Coach / deliver your service and, as a minimum, have engaged a few clients already;

  • You know you want / need this to work – going back to the 9-5 full-time is not an option!!

  • You want to get your business to a place where you have a steady flow of clients, a great programme to offer, priced at the right level so you can have freedom and flexibility whilst doing the work you love;

  • You want to feel confident and excited about your future and be able to book those amazing holidays for you and your family as a result of YOUR income.

  • You want to show your kids you did it – that anything is possible.


So, are you ready to EVOLVE?

The investment



Paid in 2 equal instalments 


£2,245 paid upfront to benefit from 10% discount 

(Other payment plans considered on request)

What People Say


When I started working with Rebecca I felt stuck, lacking confidence to get out of my comfort zone and starting to doubt my own abilities. She made me feel at ease straight away and created a safe space for me to get unstuck. Rebecca is so personable, funny and insightful; she cares about her clients and genuinely wants them to succeed, I could feel that immediately. She's been there herself, being stuck in a career that was no longer inspiring, and that gives her an edge and a level of insight into the situation that no coaching training can give you. She's super flexible in her approach and will create a tailored coaching programme to your specific circumstances and what you really need. I can only recommend her, she's brilliant!


I really enjoyed working with Rebecca. She is easy to talk to, non-judgmental and supportive. I found it very easy to open up to her. Thanks to her coaching sessions I was able to work out which factors were most important to me and have recently started on a new direction that ticks all my boxes and I’m loving it! I would highly recommend her.


I was unhappy with my situation and felt anxious and unsure about how to change it. But from the very first session, Becky made me feel at ease and understood what I was going through. She helped me regain my confidence and see value in my past achievements. The programme she devised for our sessions along with her unique blue sky thinking gave me clarity on how I could achieve my goals and move forward. Becky also opened my mind to other opportunities that I had not even considered possible. Most importantly she made me believe in myself again.


The Coach & Consultant Collective

I have created a space online with other like-minded female Coaches and Consultants in the form of The Coach & Consultant Collective Facebook group!


This is for you if you are a Coach or Consultant and you're ready to focus on really making a go of your business!


It's also a great way to see what I am all about and of course to benefit from the advice, community, live sessions and much more!

Join us!

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