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Rebecca Amin Career Coach


I’m Rebecca, an Accredited Coach, here to help you work out "what next?" for you and your business – from one female founder to another.


We both know that you stagnating is not an option - so let me help you...

Rebecca Amin Career Coach Surrey

Does this sound familiar?

You had a goal of building a viable business, so you could kiss goodbye to the corporate world (and you did it!!) - but you never really thought beyond that point.

You have been in business for a little while now and you’re making money – wahoo! But now you're feeling stuck with where to go next.

You fear getting bored, stagnating, falling out of love with this amazing business you have created – and you DO NOT want that to happen!

You have no clear vision for the future. You want to keep this going (going back to corporate is definitely off the table!), but don’t want to ‘just’ carry on as you are for the next 15 years either!

You’ve tried a few different things already but they haven’t really worked for various reasons… so you're not sure what to do next to re-ignite your passion and motivation for the long-term.

Do you want to:

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Understand what is stopping you successfully growing and evolving your business?

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Get clarity on the vision for you and your business, whilst continuing to work around family/personal life?

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Have really clear, attractive goals with an action plan to reach them so you can be business happy now and in the future?

Not go through every week working only ‘IN’ your business, never ‘ON’ your business?

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Get that fire in your belly again?

Rebecca Amin Business Coach

Let’s figure out your next dream – and smash it together!

I'm all about connecting, so why not book a free chat with me to see how we can work together...

Not quite sure if I am the right coach for you?
Read about the programmes I have designed to help you figure out those next goals for you and your business

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Rebecca Amin Coaching

Business Happy Mums

I have created a space online with other like-minded female business owners in the form of the Business Happy Mums Facebook group!


This is for you if you are a solo/small business owner with a viable business and you're ready to think about those "What Next?" goals.


It's also a great way to see what I am all about and of course to benefit from the advice, community, live sessions and much more!

Sound good?

Then come and join the community today!

What People Say


Becky is a kind and supportive coach and the process has been both interesting and rewarding in so many ways. I needed help unravelling my scrambled thoughts and goals, which were stopping me starting anything. 

The process Becky used gave me focus and clarity - it surprised me how quickly things can move forward when you have support and structure in place. In just a few short months, I’d got clear goals, an action plan and was on my way. Most importantly, I felt more confident, motivated and energised. So, thank you Becky for helping me find my path, and getting me back on track.


After thinking about it for a couple of years I finally bit the bullet and invested in myself with a programme of coaching with Rebecca. I chose her after her thoughtful and considered reply to a question I asked on a forum really resonated. We gelled immediately and I felt very comfortable and safe within our sessions. Rebecca provided a simple but effective framework and gently held me to account with the self reflection exercises. The process really shone a light on what I probably had always known, but it gave me the clarity and the nudge to take action. I’m delighted to say I’ve made significant changes to my life and career off the back of it, feeling like I’m now back in control, rather than the hamster wheel many of us stay stuck on. If you are committed and prepared to put in the work I can’t recommend Rebecca’s programs highly enough. It was truly transformative for me! Thanks Rebecca.


If you need help to structure your chaos, I can highly recommend Becky. She has been an excellent coach, guiding me from uncertainty and ambiguity about my future to a feeling of calm and control. With her contagious cheerful personality, she immediately invites the optimist in you to come out and explore the many options you didn't realize you had. Then, with her sharp and thorough analysis, she guides you towards clarity and actionable steps. If you're looking for a coach (regardless of your gender or family composition), don't wait, just reach out to Becky!

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